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    Custom designed training scenarios and case studies specific to your performance challenges in the area of cybersecurity, supply chain disruption and business continuity.

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    Need a little more help? My individual or group coaching plans help you build strong management teams who work well, together through emotional intelligence.

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    I help you identify the root cause of your performance challenges within your management teams and explore the right strategy to strengthen your teams.

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Strengthening Management Teams through Emotional Intelligence

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    6. Measure emotional intelligence to increase business performance

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What others are saying

“Her tremendous work ethic, sense of humor, creativity and ability to connect with and establish rapport with others was invaluable. It is evident that she was a great asset to NATO as a senior executive at NATO, and I am confident that she will touch and positively influence many lives in her role as entrepreneur. I very enthusiastically provide Nadja with my highest recommendation.”

Keerthika Melissa Subramanian, Securities Lawyer @Paul Weiss; Lecturer at Yale Law School (Fall 2019); Global Thought Leader, Data Privacy and Cyber

“Nadja’s grasp and explanation of EQ, along with explaining its application within the personal and work environments, is something I believe should be incorporated not only into every business but educational systems as well – the information received is that important. Being able to give a person a foundational understanding of where they fall in the range of 15 different areas – and how to balance over and under-compensating factors – truly is a gift of clarity. Nadja’s reporting also provides strategies for improving areas which is exciting as you have a starting point, an actionable game plan, and a truer knowledge of yourself. Speaking with Nadja was never a like a lecture that she needed to get through, it was always a meaningful conversation – she put me at ease, asked thought-provoking questions to get to the heart of a matter, and practiced active listening”

Sue Lemm, Business Project Manager, Navy Federal Credit Union

“I have known Nadja for several years now and she continues to impress me with her creativity and leadership. I highly recommend her to any organization seeking to build a thriving and successful workforce to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.”

Benedetta Berti, PhD Head, Policy Planning, Office of the Secretary General at NATO

“Before I met Nadja and understood her capabilities, resources and guidance, I was continuing to do my job with anxiety and stress, which impacted my performance. After I applied Nadja’s guidance and truly committed to developing my resilience roadmap, I got a new sense of direction that opened up my creativity, showed me how to be more efficient and enjoy my work again. I feel so much more empowered and excited to take on challenges at work! I recommend anyone who is ready to transform themselves to follow Nadja’s guidance.”

Dani Woolf, Director of Demand Generation @ Cybersixgill | Host of Audience 1st | Producer of Dr. Dark Web | Growth Mentor

“Lorsque la générosité se marie à la compétence, elles produisent de l’excellence. Le samedi 13 novembre, les membres du PMI MOROCCO CHAPTER et ses sympathisants ont vécu une belle expérience d’échange et de partage à la limite de deux domaines, cybersécurité et Intelligence émotionnelle (EQ). Ce fut un excellent choix du sujet brillamment animé par Nadja El Fertasi.”

Abderrazak Hamzaoui President - PGMP, PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP, NLP Master , PMI Morocco Chapter

“Nadja has an outstanding ability to not only adapt to company cultures quickly but adding substantially value to an organization after a very short time. Her broad experience in combination with fast thinking and a high level of empathy are key drivers behind her success. I can only highly recommend Nadja as a professional Entrepreneur, but also an individual with a great character, who can make any team substantially stronger”

Philipp Wchholz Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald's Belgium

About me

Obsessed with Tackling Root Causes

Twenty years of working at the largest security and crisis management organization has taught me to bend but not break during a high pressure and stress environment. Sound-decision making, non-violent communication to achieve buy-in and strategic stakeholder engagement are my bread and butter.