Building your Roadmap

  • Preparedness

    How are your policies, plan and processes enhance your employee experience in the digital decade?

  • Resilience

    What are the building blocks of your organizational culture to ensure your employees thrive?

  • Readiness

    Is your business performance resilient enough to absorb the shock of disruption in the digital decade?


What Executives Are Saying

“Nadja’s global vision and leadership in driving change is an inspiration for all who work with her. Through her excellent verbal and written communication skills, she has an innate ability to present complex strategic issues in an effective and concise manner. I highly recommend Nadja to any organization struggling with the challenges of workforce development.”

Denis Mercier, Deputy General Manager FIVES Group, former Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation, NATO (2015 – 2018)

“Our members learned new ways of approaching stress management, problem-solving, and decision-making while navigating a disruptive cyber event. I certainly recommend Thrive with EQ’s services for any organization that is looking to exercise collaboration and be prepared against the inevitable cyber disruptions of the digital age.”

Laurie Dufays, Head of Institutional Relations with Africa, WSBI-ESBG

“Through a mix of crisis simulations, role play, presentations on how emotions impact the ability to make decisions, and one-on-one coaching, Nadja helped our members become better decision-makers and increase their impact in their communities. I strongly recommend her to any organization that works on leadership development.”

Ana Aelenei Head of Leadership and Democracy Initiatives, German Marshall Fund of the United States


  • Who are you?

    My name is Nadja El Fertasi, a seasoned crisis management and human resilience expert. I worked for nearly two decades in the world’s largest crisis management and security organization in the world, NATO. I now help people-centric C-suite leaders achieve cybersecurity preparedness and build a resilient employee experience through digital emotional intelligence trainings.

  • What do you mean with people-centric C-suite leaders?

    Cultural change can only be successful if the top leadership is committed to internal transformation. A transformation where employees are valued and recognized as the glue for the organization.

  • How are you helping C-suite leaders specifically?

    I am on a mission to help the C-Suite build a resilient employee experience fit for the digital decade through emotional intelligence strategies.

  • What kind of C-suite leaders do you work with?

    I help the CEO of the company build a resilient collaboration, communication and coordination foundation across their senior executive leadership team.

  • Cybersecurity is a technical security problem, not a people one

    More than 90% of cyberattacks begin with social engineering techniques, the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes. Criminals and scammers use emotional manipulation techniques to get access into your digital footprint and hack your employees and your data.

  • I still don't understand the link with resilience

    The absence of human resilience, people's ability to bounce back from adversity and not break under pressure, increases the human surface attack. Criminals have higher success rates in scamming by preying on their negative emotions through increase in fear, stress and distractions. Or they build up their positive emotions, connect through rapport and gain their trust to execute their criminal activities.

  • What businesses do you work with?

    I work with corporations, small and medium size businesses and start-ups in the tech and fintech industry where protecting shareholder and customer data is a top priority.

  • What if I don't like your courses?

    We can be the juiciest peach in the world, there are still some people who don't like peaches. No hard feelings! I have 30-day money-back guarantee on all my online courses. No questions asked and no hard feelings :)

Nadja El Fertasi, Founder & CEO

I am Nadja El Fertasi, a resilient Entrepreneur, Happily Divorced, a proud mother of a nine-year-old handful boy, and a passionate human being. 20 years of working at NATO have taught me to bend but not break during high pressure and stress environments. 40+ years of life experience overcoming adversity after adversity and building personal resilience to fall with courage and rise with wisdom. Leaving a nearly two decade career at the world’s largest security and crisis management organization to found Thrive with EQ. My mission is to help the C-suite leaders minimize business disruption by building a resilient employee experience through emotional intelligence strategies fit for the digital decade.
Nadja El Fertasi, Founder & CEO